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-A. I. Logistics solutions-

Harness the power of
Artificial Intelligence

Using state-of-the-art A. I. technology, we provide you the best route-planning software available.

Based on your input and workflow, we adapt our framework and algorithm to suit your daily logistic challenges.

Wide integration

Our solution integrates natively with all common data-storage methods, and returns the data in a tailored format designed for your specific needs.


…and more


Performs route-segmentation while accounting for DOT (Delivery-On-Time), cargo demands and incorporates client-specific needs


Further optimizes each route, avoiding unnecessary mileage and driving time.

Avoid traffic congestion
Keep your vehicles moving
Make profit all the while

Avoid the excess expenses:

  • Manual route-planning
  • Sub-optimal delivery-routes
  • Do right by the environment at no extra cost

...And Avoid the trailing economic repercussions:

  • Excess fuel costs driving unnecessary mileage
  • Extra vehicle maintenance driving unnecessary mileage
  • Driver wages driving unnecessary mileage
  • Excess vehicles on the road due to sub-optimal planning

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